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Can you prevent Data Loss while converting MBOX to PST?

Email remains the most effective and fastest way of communication around the world. Since the development of technologies like IMAP and POP, email clients have offered a remarkable way of handling huge incoming and sending of mails in a productive manner.

Moreover, such trend will continue indefinitely. Due to the emerging technology every single day, it is hard for a user to stick to one particular service. Email clients are no different.

Work demands, individual needs, and other reasons can cause one to change the current email provider and move to a different one, which can fulfill the needs much better.

Windows Outlook is one email client that currently forms the biggest user database and fans. Many users are observed to constantly migrate their data from a different client to Outlook for better functionality. This article refers to the data safety involved in one transition of MBOX to PST.

Converting MBOX to PST is a most common migration because MBOX is the most popular email storage format in Mac based email applications. Similarly, PST is a file format for Windows Outlook, which is the most used in Windows Platform.

If you don’t receive too many emails or don’t send too many emails, this article may not be too useful for you. Data safety becomes a major concern for corporations with thousands of emails in their storage, or individuals that deal with many emails.

Continue reading to find out what are the reasons for the data loss when converting MBOX to PST and what could you do to prevent it.

Data loss could occur due to several reasons. Some of those reasons, particularly during MBOX to PST conversion, would be:-

  • failures or neglect in storage,
  • hardware or system malfunction,
  • electrical failure,
  • system unexpected shutdown,
  • interference by a an unlikely program running at the same time, and
  • computer viruses and malware
  • Human factors, accidentally deleting files, choosing wrong functions/features, manually modifying, and manual interference during sensitive operations, etc.

Data loss is an accident and in few cases, there is not a lot that can be done. Often times, the data loss is permanent and beyond repair. However, those out of control reasons for data loss are rare. The common reasons behind someone loss of data or corruption of data are ration and the source can be located and resolved accordingly.

Here are some of the tips you could keep in mind while converting MBOX to PST next time:-

  • Always keep your computer connected to power.
  • Clean your computer of broken shortcuts, cache, temporary files, and registries.
  • Close any unnecessary background programs using task manager. Be cautious while doing that, so as not to terminate any important operating programs.
  • Run a full scan using a decent antivirus.
  • Take backup of the data and if possible, copy it to a different computer.

The important factor here to mention is that many causes of failure occur when one is manually converting MBOX to PST without any third party aid. Additionally, ordinary tools can make data loss more prominent rather than decreasing the risk. It is a known fact that during conversion of MBOX to PST, the files are constantly under threats.

If you are not tolerable of any accidental file deletion or file corruption, you have to go for a professional aid when converting MBOX to PST. Those professional tools assure than essential protection systems are in place and the data is immune from threats.

One tool that we constantly recommend ourselves is Mail Passport Pro. Apart from its special features and interactive interface, it offers full safety to your files data. You can simply follow the instructions and let the tool do everything else. You don’t have to know about any manual precautions as the tool is automated for the superior conversion procedure.

Data Loss is a frustrating event. Nobody wants to lose his or her files that have been stored over a couple of years. Fortunately, with extra care, attentiveness, and employing efficient tools (like the one stated above, Mail Passport Pro), one can avoid any unwanted data loss or data modification.

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