Standalone Apple Mail to Outlook Converter With No Requirements!

Most software for migration of email data can be too cumbersome with myriads of manual inputs and additional requirements. Apple Mail to Outlook converters are no different. The generic software comes with substandard features, non-user-friendly interfaces, and requires too many manual inputs. Some even require additional utilities to work efficiently.

This can further make the migration seem more abstruse and taxing than it already is.

Include to that the risk of data loss, which is dreadful when dealing with emails as they can contain some of the most important and sensitive information. It is often not just personal information but also that of your clients, and your friends and family’s.

The current state of standard Apple Mail to Outlook converters can make even the most hardened tech buffs anxious.

Apple Mail to Outlook Converter for Mac OS

If you have no desire to go through the same fretful and nervy process, we recommend trying out ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘.

Apple Mail to Outlook Converter

All the issues mentioned above are not present with this converter. USL Software made sure that the unnecessary steps along the way are eliminated, leaving only a definitive and sharp methodology for everyone that requires no efforts.

Quick, Safe and Accurate

Mail Extractor Pro‘ is also fully standalone, Mac based Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox & MBOX to Outlook converter app that works consistently without the need of any additional utility, add-on, extension, or even the internet. The complete processing of Mac Mail database to Outlook works on your local machine (no cloud-based scripting). This results in far quicker, safer, and effective mechanism than any other mediocre solutions without these features.

Ease of Use and Auto Load Mail Database

Moreover, everything that it has to offer are unified under a single screen of its interface. Forget the long winded tutorials that are confusing even for the experienced IT professionals. ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ works its way through your primary Apple Mail database, called ‘Profile.’ This folder is named as “Mail” as in usually located inside the users’ library folders by default. The converter picks it up automatically and puts the data conversion in motion straightaway.

This removes the handling of EMLX or MBOX files completely.

Advance Features

Many home users looking for basic data migration projects will find it too comforting and reliable to work through the revolutionary auto-load feature. And despite that, the tool has many other powerful functions at your disposal: split large PST files, ignore empty folders, manually remove any specific folders, detailed conversion report, and so on.

Works on Mac OS X

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ works on Mac 10.6 or higher operating systems. It has no other requirements than that new 10.14 OS update might require you to manually allow permissions to access your data.
In short, everything works right out the “box”.

The power and simplicity is now in your hands, regardless of your experience or skills with email migration. No other Apple Mail to Outlook converter has simplified the task yet also made it efficient and practical for high-end users.

Apple Mail to Outlook Converter Free Trial

You can try it yourself using the free demo version.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook

For any questions or problems you face during or after the conversion, the live tech support (or email support) will be pleased to assist you.

If you are looking for Apple Mail to Outlook converter to export Apple Mail data to Outlook for Mac or Windows, then try ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ today.