Is there a need to convert MBOX to OLM Mac? Rethink your decision with the help of Mail Extractor Pro!

The thing about converting MBOX to OLM Mac is that many of us aren’t aware of better alternatives. While there is nothing wrong with sticking to your guns regarding your decision to convert MBOX to OLM Mac, there is definitely a lot of imminent loss in not trying the other options; more so when the results are immensely better than that can be obtained from your chosen option.

With the recent updates, Mac Outlook has been made capable to work equally well with PST files. That means, instead of trying to transform the files into the complicated OLM format, one can simply convert them to PST format. And a perfect tool to get the job done is here too- Mail Extractor Pro.

Mail Extractor Pro will convert the files from MBOX to PST so flawlessly that you would forget all about the mess that could have been created in trying to convert MBOX to OLM Mac. The tool eases up the task in many ways. Firstly, it automates the extraction and upload aspect of the conversion job. Secondly, it substantially cuts down on the time and effort put into accomplishing the job. Next, the process gets completed without any interruptions. Lastly, and most importantly, the results produced are magnificent. Every single element from the database is created beautifully so as to reflect the true identity of the files.

There are only advantages of trying MBOX to PST conversions in place of converting MBOX to OLM Mac. Try it out for yourself and be the better judge of the situation. The next segment will tell you how!

convert MBOX to OLM Mac

We recommend that you try out Mail Extractor Pro before trying to ‘convert MBOX to OLM Mac’!

If you are being extra cautious, we totally understand the reservations in your mind about using Mail Extractor Pro for converting MBOX to PST as an alternative to converting MBOX to OLM Mac. After all, this is your precious database that we are talking about.

To overcome this situation, Mail Extractor Pro offers a perfect solution. Before trying its full version, a user can simply opt to try out its free version. That’s right! There is a free trial version that this tool offers for testing out the credibility of our suggestion. The tool will allow you to convert 10 files per folder. In our belief, it is sufficiently enough to make a decision.

This way you get to try out MBOX to PST conversion before putting your entire database at stake. The results can obviously be downloaded to Mac Outlook as in the case when you convert MBOX to OLM Mac. The only difference would be that the quality of the output would be far better in the former case.

converting MBOX to OLM Mac

Try out MBOX to PST conversion with the trial version of Mail Extractor Pro. We promise, you wouldn’t regret shifting from the decision to convert MBOX to OLM Mac!