Make Convert Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail Conversion as Simple as Possible!

Convert Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail using OLM files through ‘OLM Extractor Pro’. The best email migration tool available to make this task seamless and accurate.

Mac Tool to Convert Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

Converting Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail is often hard due to the files associated with both clients and their incompatibility with each other. Outlook 2011 uses OLM files to store data and you cannot import the same file to Apple Mail; it’s not supported. Therefore, OLM to Apple Mail compatible files is your last remaining option.

Convert Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

And it’s not that bad if you know how to do it. Or more precisely, if you have a good email migration utility that can run in Mac smoothly and convert data without integrity loss. That’s where “OLM Extractor Pro” comes in.

It has certain unique features that weren’t previously available with other conventional Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail converters. The most important of them are accurate algorithms to convert data without missing any component, batch conversion support, and an intuitive interface.

Way to Convert Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

Let’s talk about these three features in detail:

Accurate output:

When it comes to any task involving the transfer of data, the first and foremost priority is to get data across cleanly without losing the information or without partial conversion. Even if you could devote your time and efforts and learn about the technicalities of the process, it would remain a daunting job to not missing anything during conversion.

The powerful and specially built algorithms in “OLM Extractor Pro” produces fully precise output files for Apple Mail that contains all the information as it did in OLM files without any loss or modification.

Batch Conversion Support

The way “OLM Extractor Pro” or any other Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail conversion tool works is that you need to load the OLM files first. You can archive OUtlook 2011 data to OLm files using the ‘export’ feature in the email client. But many times, users have more than one OLM file.

With simple converters, it’s a painful process to convert each single file to Apple Mail one at a time. “OLM Extractor Pro” doesn’t suffer from the same limitation.

You can keep all OLM files in a single folder and then select that folder only once. All the OLM files will be loaded on to the tool, you can see all the folders inside your selection (and even remove any particular folders that you don’t want to convert), and then simply click the button “convert” to start. This makes the batch conversion extremely efficient and you don’t have to waste your precious time in individual conversion of each file.

Intuitive Interface Built for Non-Experienced

Finally, when everything seems to be at decent standard for any converter, it’s the interface that usually creates annoyance. It’s very important for users to intuitively implements features (whatever available) to make the job productive. No amount of advanced functionality is worth unless they save time, and a poor interface can do the opposite; it can make even the most advanced users struggle in properly use everything a software application offers.
Thankfully, “OLM Extractor Pro” was built with proper consideration to its interface. As a result, what you get is a surprisingly intuitive UI that works on every level. And you don’t have to know anything technical about the process. Just click and proceed and you will be good for the whole conversion.

Nothing complicated, no learning curve, no amount of unnecessary efforts.

Click here to download the trial setup today and begin converting Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail easily.