Convert Outlook to Entourage 2004/2008 (*rge)

Convert Outlook to Entourage – How to Avoid Gaps and Fragmentation of Output Data.

Outlook to Entourage Converter

Moving data across email clients may sound easy enough or hugely intimidating, depending on your past experiences. Most users who might be switching their email client for the first time in years or need to migrate data for other reasons, may assume the task to be straightforward enough to just move the data files.

Sadly, they are mistaken. Outlook to Entourage conversion suffer the worst case scenario. Due to the disparity between both clients. And it also comes as a surprise because both Outlook and Entourage are Microsoft products.

Another reason for the challenge involved in the data migration process between them is the discontinuation of Entourage. After the launch of Outlook for Mac, it looks like the Entourage user’s base might be down to just few users. But that’s not true. Entourage is still pretty common in business-related emailing work where Exchange servers are used.

In the end, it’s just get frustrating for users to find a way to migrate email data from Outlook to Entourage, due to no official solution (at least not a straightforward one) and the inefficiency of third-party solutions.

Convert Outlook to Entourage

That’s where “PST Extractor Pro” comes in. It only requires you to load the PST files (data files of Outlook) and it will convert everything to Entourage compatible files.

Convert Outlook to Entourage

The best part about this tool is that it removes all possibilities of missing items. The logic employed to extract information is precise enough to get to the minutest bit of information within PST and rebuilt it for Entourage. You will not find any gap in your emails and the associated metadata or the fragmentation of the original structure.

Essentially, “PST Extractor Pro” creates exact copy of the entire database from PST into Entourage files. Just the format of files is changed in a way that is cleanly and fully supported by Entourage (a much folder client than Outlook) but the rest of the data inside is same, including their arrangement and the architecture.

On top of that, you also get multiple choices to customize the output Entourage files, like remove empty folders in a single click, or manually remove any folders you don’t want to convert, and also use “filtering” option to make your selection quicker and more efficient.

It even features batch PST file conversion, which you can implement by simply selecting one folder containing all your PST files, instead of manually selecting each file separately. This sort of conversion in bulk often affects the accuracy of output, but with this conversion utility, you won’t face that.

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Finally, on a separate note, “PST Extractor Pro”, as name suggests is the tool to extract information from PST files, but it can get those extracted information into not just Entourage files but many other formats common for Mac based clients, like MBOX and EML. You can also convert them directly to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Postbox databases.

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