Convert Your Apple Mail to PST With This Ultimate Tool

Third-party converter tools are the most effective and easy way to go about converting your Apple Mail to PST. But selecting the tool that matches your needs is a tough task. This article will introduce you to the best Apple Mail to PST Converter.


The number of third-party tools has increased drastically since the technological advancements. So, choosing the optimum tool has become harder.

So many options in the market may confuse you and you can end up with a converter tool that may not suit your need.

Mail Extractor Pro is “the” Apple Mail to PST Converter to go for. It is the most recommended tool in the books of both basic and advanced users for a reason.

apple mail to pst converter

The tool converts your Apple Mail to PST with utter ease and comfort. The features the tool that supports are very advanced and high end.

Best Apple Mail to PST Converter

The tool supports features like bulk conversion, conversion of Unicode content etc. to makes your conversion life easier.

Security is one of the pressing concerns when it comes to email conversion. Mail Extractor Pro addresses it with brilliant approaches.

Unicode content is the non-English content of your input file. The non-English data is different from the normal texts that is being exchanged through the emails. So, it is a bit tricky to convert.

convert apple mail to pst

Not many Apple Mail to PST Converter are able to do so. They fail at this very step and may end up corrupting your input data as well.

With Mail Extractor Pro, you don’t have to worry about this. The tool converts your Apple Mail to PST and it’s Unicode as well. Therefore, providing you with a safe and secure conversion environment.

The tool does it all at lightning quick speed as well. The tool uses approaches as bulk conversion that cut down on the time wasted during the conversion process.

Bulk conversion is an approach which allows you to select all the files that you want to convert. And then in a single go it converts them all.

apple mail to pst

The bulk conversion process doesn’t compromise with the accuracy and precision of the tool. This saves your time that you wasted going through the files that you want to convert one by one.

The tool can be operated with the help of a very intuitive and unique interface. This Apple Mail to Outlook converter offers an interface like none other.

The interface is designed in such a manner that it hides all the complexities of the process and just show you what is required.

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It provides you with informative wizards and dialog boxes that guide you through the conversion problem. This acts as heling hand especially for the user just starting out.

Get it here:

So, download the free trial version available on the website to take a peek into what the tool has to offer before you move onto the premium version.