Export Apple Mail to Thunderbird (here is how you do it)

Apple Mail and Thunderbird are two of the best email clients currently available in the market. Both of them have a huge user base, insane features and a lot of support. Both have their qualities, but Thunderbird edge Apple Mail with the support of better add ons and extensions.

So, when you switch over from Apple Mail to Thunderbird you not only have to settle with a new environment, user interface but also the most important part, export the data.

Exporting Apple Mail to Thunderbird isn’t easy. Most users don’t like this data migration process. Well, that is for obvious reasons. The process is lengthy, tricky and can be very lengthy and tedious. More data on the Apple Mail side, more complicated the process of exporting the data becomes.

Export Apple Mail to Thunderbird with the best tool

The process of exporting Apple Mail to Thunderbird cannot be taken lightly. One wrong step and you can lose your precious data forever

There are many ways specified over a lot of places for the prefect Apple Mail migration process. But none of them provide you with a good solution. Most users settle with a non-perfect and time consuming way to export Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

The sad part is that not everybody understands the approach you take to export your data makes all the difference.  You can manually convert all the data, but it is obvious that it’ll take more time.

It is clear that manually converting data isn’t that approach. Converting Apple Mail data with the help of third-party converters and add-ons simplify the project and reduces the effort and time spent in the process.

Third-party solutions are more preferred by professionals as they automate most of the process and simplify many things. They reduce the time, increase the accuracy and precision and overall gives you more freedom and flexibility with exporting Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

Mail Extractor Max: The right choice

Mail Extractor Max from USL Software is the most recommended tool for exporting Apple Mail to Thunderbird effectively. The tool is a result of thorough research and is developed to deal with all and any problems that may occur during data migration.

export apple mail to thunderbird

The feature laden tool gives you the ability to accurately, precisely and quickly convert your data. With features like detailed conversion logs, ignorance of empty folders, ability to convert multiple folders at once etc, enhance the entire conversion process.

Speed is the key to the perfect conversion

Out of the sea of features that the tool provides, the speed of conversion stands out. Mail Extractor Max is the fastest tool you can get your hands on to export Apple Mail to Thunderbird. The tool works through the data at a very rapid rate converting everything in its way without any problems.

This saves your precious time that would have got wasted in waiting for the conversion process to get completed. The intuitive interface of the tool also adds to the speed factor and helps you do everything quickly and effectively.

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apple mail to thunderbird

Get a free trial copy of the tool and test out all this and a lot more yourself.