Export OST to PST for Mac and Windows Outlook

Pave your way into the smooth-sailing process of OST Extractor Pro to export OST to PST

What if someone were to tell you that you might have been looking at the OST to PST export process wrong this whole time? You would be flabbergasted, wouldn’t you be? Well, be prepared because that that is the kind of news we are here for! Exporting OST to PST can be complicated if we get into the loop of methods designed to confuse the user. However, it can, at the same time, be extremely simple too if the user gets hold of the genuine methods created specifically for the job.

Export OST to PST in Mac and Windows

The process to export OST to PST tends to get complicated and out of hand for most of the users. More often than not they end up getting results that are either incomplete or entirely useless. That being said, a tool named OST Extractor Pro exists in the market that has specifically been manufactured for helping the users out of such tricky situations. OST Extractor Pro is a professional third part email conversion tool that can take care of the trickiest conversions without taking a second’s pause. The OST Recovery tool not only caters to the users looking to export OST to PST, but also to those wanting to export OST to EML, Postbox, MBOX, Apple mail, etc. Confused? Let’s put it this way-it is a one stop tool for multiple email conversion needs!

Export OST to PST

Learn what more can be done with the OST to PST export tool – OST Extractor Pro

There is a lot that can be achieved when we have an amazing tool at our disposal. It is a less known fact that OST Extractor Pro has plethora of features and we feel compelled to share these as every user must capitalize on them. Here is a small compilation of the best features of OST Extractor Pro.

  1. Bundle up your files: The tool gives the users an option to export OST to PST in batches. That means large database can be converted in one go.
  2. Ignore empty folders: There is no need to carry the burden of empty folders along as this smart tool provides for an option to eliminate the empty folders during the OST to PST export
  3. Set the file size: OST to PST export doesn’t have to be controlled by the software. It gives the users the freedom to set the file size as per their needs.
  4. Leave nothing behind: Other than offering multiple customization options to the users, this tool gives a sense of fulfillment too. The conversions result in perfect replication of the OST files with nothing being left unchanged.
  5. Choose to pay or use the free option: OST Extractor Pro has two brilliant versions. A full paid version and an entirely free of cost test version. You have an open choice to choose the one that fits best to your needs.

Read More: https://www.uslsoftware.com/convert-ost-to-pst

ost to pst export

Who knew converting OST to PST could be such a satisfying job after all! So wait no more and grab your copy of the tool to enjoy every bit of the experience with OST Extractor Pro’s amazing OST to PST export process.