Import EMLX Files into Outlook – Re-inventing the Wheels of Email Migration!

EML File

EMLX is not a personal file that you can import to even Mac Mail, let alone in a client that is not MacOS based. It is a data file used in Mac Mail for storing email messages; one file per email message. But you cannot use it manually for anything. For all those purposes,there is MBOX file.

However, even MBOX, which is a generic file used by many programs, is not compatible with Outlook, neither Windows nor Mac’s version.

Import EMLX Files into Outlook

That is why migrating your Mac Mail folders into Outlook can be a tough road. And many users follow wrong or inefficient methods to achieve the desired end. We have already established that importing EMLX files into Outlook is not technically doable. Nor can MBOX file run on Outlook database.

All of this leaves us with the file conversion process, where you must convert either EMLX or MBOX to PST, a native Outlook Windows file compatible with also Mac Outlook.

It would be fine if there is one added step to the whole migration task. But sadly, even converting these files using a third-party utility does not end up anywhere near what you want.

EMLX to PST converters have a narrow range of algorithms and a weak data-scan process to pick up information. They usually end in errors. MBOX to PST converters are relatively better but ultimately suffer the same fate – fragmented output files with minimal retention of original data integrity.

And that is just one of the problems with them. Substandard tools seldom have graphical UI that is friendly and easy for beginners. They do not have tech support. They are rigid in their options and functionality, making them unfit for complex migration projects where users want custom-output.

Tool that import emlx files into Outlook

USL Software has solved this with “Mail Extractor Pro.”, USL is a software company that has been reinventing ways of migrating complex email data, delivering satisfaction and professional results in all sorts of projects.

import emlx files into outlook
Mail Extractor Pro – Convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EMLX files to Outlook (PST) for Mac & Windows.

“Mail Extractor Pro” carries the same extent of refinement and polish their other tools are known for.

But most important of all, the tool leaves behind the archaic ways of email migration between Mac Mail and Outlook. It works by entirely removing EMLX or even MBOX files from the equation and instead directly targets the source of your database, which is a profile folder in users’ library called ‘Mail.’

‘Mail’ is a folder where all emails,contacts, calendar, attachments, and everything else is stored. Therefore, you never have to worry about handling various files to convert the entire data.Simply select the ‘Autoload’ option and gets Mac Mail profile database selected automatically.

Import EMlX files into Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows.

It is how professionals in IT dept. in large companies conduct these tasks effectively, chiefly due to the size of folders they have to move. And yet, it is also the best approach for home users as well who may not have massive databases stretching to hundreds of GBs.

That is the best aspect the tool managed to attain – a one-in-all complete utility that brilliantly mixes the elaborate needs of an advanced user with simplicity for basic users.

importing emlx files into outlook
For EMLX files, you have to choose “Apple Mail: Load“. Use “Auto Load” to load data automatically and use “OPEN” for locate files from backup.

All of it is made even better by a friendly UI that is modern and basic. Add to that several different choices for users to customize the output files as they see fit (like, splitting PST files, removing empty folders, choosing backup databases, and more). These options are laid out in the UI smartly to maximize the efficiency without overwhelming you.

In addition, the tech support adds a whole new dimension to your experience. Hopefully, you will never need to get in touch with the support team, considering how simple the tool is to use. But if you ever do, you can expect a full resolution in no time.

Get it to import emlx files into Outlook

Get ‘Mail Extractor Pro at

Download a free trial copy of ‘Mail Extractor Pro.’ It has all the features fully accessible to try out, but converts up to ten items per folder. If you are the kind of user who likes to know about a software in detail before committing with the fully unlocked version, you will love the trial mode.Do not make the mistake of going down the traditional path, that is, importing EMLX Files to Outlook or converting them to PST. Especially when a much better, more professional, and yet, simpler way is possible right now.