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OST and PST files the data files that are used by Microsoft Outlook for storing and moving of email related data. But there are some complications that may occur during the process of email migration. This post will introduce you to the problems as well as one stop solution to all those problems- OST Extractor Pro.

Let’s back up and look at the basics first.

Data files are the files that are used by Outlook for storage and movement of data. They are broadly classified into two types, OST and PST.

Outlook OST file

OST is an acronym for Offline Storage Table. It is a file that is used by Outlook for downloading and storing all the email related data. If the file is not present on the storage device of the user then it is automatically downloaded by Outlook, so if you accidentally lose you OST file don’t worry it’ll be downloaded again when you are live with the online servers.

The purpose behind providing all the email data to the user on an offline file is to make the process of updating the work easier. The user can work in an offline environment according to his/her choice without worrying about the connection with the server.

All the updated work is then synced back up online once the connection gets established again. But a problem arises if the account is already deleted before the work gets synced.

Outlook PST file

PST or Personal Storage Files are used for manual archiving or storing of data. Outlook provides you with PST files so that you can save all or any data according to your choice. The major advantage of PST files is their direct compatibility with the Outlook server. A PST file can be directly opened in outlook whereas an OST file cannot.

So if an Outlook account gets deleted before all the updated work is synced up on the server, the OST file becomes useless. The manual procedure of opening the file is neither easy nor recommended. So for this very purpose, professional help is required.

In this case, the professional help comes to you from USL Software, in the form of OST Extractor Pro.

OST Conversion Tool

OST Extractor Pro provides you with the best in class help regarding OST to PST conversion. As the title suggests it is like ” walmart” for all your OST conversion related problems. Form corrupted OST files to maintaining data integrity; OST Extractor Pro provides you solution for all under one software.

ost conversionOST Extractor Pro converts each and every type of OST files into PST. If you have manually tried to convert an OST file into PST, then you may have corrupted some part of it. But OST Extractor Pro covers each and every front and converts all the data in your OST file into PST while despite of the fact that the OST file is corrupted or not.

Not only it can convert any OST file but it can convert any OST file with data integrity. Data integrity means that position of all the files and folders of the input file remains intact in the output file as well. This makes the navigation through the output file very easy,

Talking of easy, the interface provided by OST Extractor Pro makes the usage of the tool a cakewalk. Despite being so technically strong and complex in the core, the interface depicts the simplicity that makes the tool look and feel like basic software. This is one of the best features of the tool.

Get this OST Conversion tool

The tool is available for free trail purposes. Despite being out for trial all the premium features are available for you to use and get used to the tool before going for the premium version. A 24X7 helpline is also present at your service, if any assistance is required. So download OST Extractor Pro today.

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