OST Extractor Pro – OST to PST Conversion Specialist

OST to PST Conversion is a natural process with Outlook email client. The process is used daily to sync OST files with PST files. This way your mailbox is updated and OST files are imported in Outlook. Any changes you made to your calendar, any improvement made to your rough draft will be ready to deliver to anyone.

OST to PST Conversion

The task of synchronizing OST to PST is done by MS Exchange server only. That ‘only’ in the end of the sentence emphasizes the fact that there is literally no alternative provided by Outlook to synchronize OST files with PST. This is where the problem begins.

Sometime we don’t have MS Exchange server at our disposal to do this task for us. This is when it becomes compulsory for everyone using Outlook to look for alternative ways. The second problem is that there are plenty. Since this problem began to emerge, many tried to execute the process manually, but failed. Many tried other alternative tools, only to be left with incomplete and unsatisfying conversions.

Therefore, this article has been written to clear the air once and for all. OST Extractor Pro is undoubtedly the best tool for the process of OST to PST Conversion. Other than that, it is compatible with any type of OST conversion and extraction process. The tool has speed, smoothness and accuracy and there can be nothing better in terms of OST to PST Conversion.

ost to pst conversion


1 – Really easy Graphical user interface – OST Extractor Pro has a simple and effective graphical user interface. It simplifies the process for its customers with the help of self-explanatory graphical user interface. The tool demands the least input from customers, and after just a few clicks the process is completed.

2 – Utilizes batch strategy – OST Extractor Pro utilizes batch strategy. This strategy helps in converting large amount of OST database without any dilution in quality and speed. OST Extractor Pro can convert up to 10 GBS of OST data in less than 10 minutes.

3 – Extracts OST files from every source – OST Extractor Pro does not know discrimination. It extracts OST files from every source possible, and delivers the most comprehensive OST extraction ever.

4 – Gives multiple options for Output – OST Extractor Pro also deliver multiple options for output. This helps in conversion of OST files to other format of standard email clients. From EML to MBOX to Apple mail archive’s format, the tool covers everything.

5 – Preserves folder hierarchy – OST Extractor Pro also looks after customers post-conversion needs. It does not let anything happen to the folder arrangement in the process of converting OST files to PST format.

ost conversion

OST Extractor Pro makes the most enticing offer. It allows you to download a free demo version of the itself, and verify all the claims made by its company for yourself. Download it right now and get started with OST to PST Conversion. Grab the offer!