OST to Apple Mail Converter that runs directly on Mac!

Fed up with OST to Apple Mail Converters that only run on Windows? Well, then this is the perfect article for you. We’ll introduce you to a converter tool that not only rises head and shoulders above the rest of the competition but also works directly on MacOS.

OST to Apple Mail Converter: The modern solution

OST to Apple Mail Converters are modern solution that help you convert your OST files to Apple Mail files. This is needed as you cannot access the data stored in OST files directly until and unless they are opened in their native email client application.

If you are getting with what is OST, then let’s explain that a bit. OST is a file format used by Windows Outlook. It is used by the email client to store and download its user’s data. It gives the user the ability to modify the data in an offline mode.

Once the connection comes back up, everything gets synced with the mail server.  This helps in keeping the data homogeneous at all the places. But the lack of a direct way to convert OST files to Apple Mail can be a problem in the way of your conversion process.

Third-party solutions are the way to go

Third-party solutions are the help you need to achieve that dream conversion process of yours. They are technology backed utilities designed for this specific purpose.

USL Software’s OST Extractor Pro is the tool that exactly fits the needs of any conversion process. This OST to Apple Mail Converter is a feature packed solution that tackles all aspects of your conversion process at once.

OST to Apple Mail Converter

The tool can be used for migrating OST to PST, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML file format.

Be it conversion accuracy, speed or ease, the tool provides you with the best version of all the features.

Bulk Conversion is the way to go

Recovering multiple OST files can be a draining process. And that is usually the case with ordinary OST to Apple Mail Converters. You have to convert all the files one by one and need to sit through the entire process for every single one of them.

Well, no more. This tool provides you the feature of Bulk Conversion to overcome this problem. The feature of Batch Conversion allows you to convert multiple files at once. You can select multiple files to convert at once.

In a single go, the tool will convert all the selected files and ensure that each file is treated as it was being converted singularly.

The easiest to use interface

The interface of the tool can be a deciding factor when it comes to OST to Apple Mail Converters. With this tool, it is an advantage.

The interface of the tool is one of the simplest to use interface that you’ll come across. It’s simple, to the point and provides all the support that any new or experienced user may need. It gives you informative dialog boxes at every step of conversion process to ensure that you don’t get lost during the conversion process. Thus, making it a very comfortable process.

OST to Apple Mail

Download the OST recovery tool for free trial of the tool today and make your OST to Apple Mail or OST to PST migration safe way..