PST to MBOX Free Windows or Mac Based Converter Tools

PST to MBOX Free Windows Based Tools Aren’t The Best Way to Convert The Files – Find Out What Is?

Convert PST to MBOX in Mac or Windows

Converting PST to MBOX files is a task that involves a Windows file format (for Outlook) and a generic file MBOX format that is usually associated with Mac based email clients.

And due to that, there’s a misconception that since PST is a Windows file, it’s better to use a Windows based PST to MBOX converter, and a free converter at that. Another reason to assume that is that MBOX is a more generic nature file compatible with many software across different platforms.

But a professionally built PST to MBOX converter for Mac would work way better in terms of accuracy and speed.

There are not many PST to MBOX free converters for Mac, and most of them are still not the ideal choice. But there’s one that has stood the test of time.

“PST Extractor Pro”

It’s a software utility more than a file converter. The converter delivers in all fronts from its interface to the accuracy of converted files to the speed with which it converts data.

pst to mboxOne of the finest features and why you should download it right now is its data accuracy. Which in laymen terms simply means it converts everything in its original “form” or architecture. There will be no missing metadata, partially converted details, or such inconsistencies between input and output.

To further elaborate, email files like PST have a tremendously rich set of contents and information that can be tricky to extract and restructure for a different file format. MBOX varies in almost everything in terms of inner architecture. Take a look at the following list of items:

Your folder hierarchy:

The way you arrange folders in your mailboxes

Email attachments:

Almost every user would have at least few of emails with files attached to them. These email attachments make a very important part of any email databases.

Graphical data:

Emails can also embed images into the main content-bodies. They have properties like size and dimension and every email nowadays contains some form of graphical objects like icons and logos, if not photos.

Email headers:

These contain the information like the email addresses of a sender and a receiver (to, from, cc, bcc), subject line of emails, time and date when an email was sent, and more.

Emails containing Non-English text:

Languages other than English may use a different encoding standards like UTF-8, Unicode, DBCS, etc. to encode the text. Chinese language uses double-byte characters set (DBCS), for instance. And in this global communication mode, it is very likely that you have constantly or at least few times communicated with non-English emails. Or you are from a non-English speaking country and none of your emails are in English.

Take a look at the list above and think how important these items can be. Poorly built tools don’t convert them properly and can end up losing them. Only ‘PST Extractor Pro‘ has a built-in dedicated logic to ensure clean conversion of every one of these trickier components.

Get PST to MBOX converter for Mac

Download the free trial setup to get started and to check out how it works directly. You will not be disappointed. And if you have any question, get in touch with the support staff that is ready to help you 24×7.

Get it here:

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