PST to Thunderbird mail conversion, a task with precision and speed!

PST to Thunderbird Mail conversion tasks are to be completed on time and without any errors or data loss including PST Outlook file migration to Thunderbird. The formats used by Outlook from Microsoft and Mozilla Thunderbird are as different from each other as chalk and cheese. Manual conversion will not yield the kind of accurate results which are needed for any type of file conversion. This may be ascribed to the complexity of this task. But it is the responsibility of IT staff and people developing software that such complexities are handles by tools rather than hassling the users.

PST to Thunderbird Mail conversion tool where complexities don’t exist

Although this task in itself is complex but with PST extractor Pro, these complexities don’t trickle down to the user interface. With the use of latest technology, these complexities are taken care of in the backend while on the user end, things are kept simple and smooth. Achieving this kind of balance for a tool which works on Mac takes a lot of hard work, reasearch, and money. Even then all corners have been pulled to keep the price below what is normal for a professional tool. The aim is to enable more and more users to access this safest and most accurate tool for Mac to convert PST files and folders to formats such as PST to MBOX, RGE, EML, compatible for Thunderbird, Apple mail, etc. 

pst to thunderbird mail

PST to Thunderbird mail conversion made easier than ever before

The most difficult part about changing an email client or converting files is ensuring that there is absolutely no data loss. This becomes increasingly difficult with bulk data transfer and with emails which have many elements such as Unicode characters or embedded content like graphics. But with this tool, this big issue has been resolved forever. There is absolutely no data loss, no changes, no lags, and no difficulties experienced by users. Bulk migration on Mac for PST files to various formats mentioned above is swift and requires minimal effort from your end.

Migrate PST files to Thunderbird including nested messages and preserving hierarchy

Some emails may be stored as a thread in a conversation format and can be missed by other tools and methods when including files for migration. But you will face no such missing files with PST extractor Pro as it can include nested messages. It will also preserve hierarchy for folders when you migrate them using this software. All these features are so important. This tool contains all these unlike the rest of the tools which may have one or the other.

PST to Thunderbird Mail Conversion

Move where the action is

Stop mulling over the same thing when you have been given a clear picture of how easy it is to migrate PST files to Thunderbird on Mac with this tool. Proceed to the action by either going for full version by purchasing it or by beginning with a short use free demo. Make a choice and begin anyway as time is moving.

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