What Makes an MBOX to Outlook Converter Tool Effective- Two Most Important Factors!

Looking for an MBOX to Outlook converter tool ?

Converting email files, like MBOX, isn’t simple. Particularly, if you don’t know how and don’t have a professional standard of tools. Since files cannot be manually changed (like renaming the extensions), you have to rely on third-party migration utilities. And that’s where most users struggle. Even though there have been many MBOX to Outlook converter tools, most don’t offer the level of simplicity in their interfaces and functionality at its core that many look for.

There’s also a lot of confusion and misinformation regarding what makes an MBOX converter best for use or what features are worth for a tool of this category.

Here are few points to consider when looking for an MBOX to Outlook converter tool:

  1. This first point to consider can probably be applied to essentially all types of software applications – user interface. Regardless of how complex the task is and how many manual steps/inputs it requires, the interface has to be user-friendly. Thousands of advanced features do not matter unless you can implement them correctly without getting lost and overwhelmed by a poorly designed UI. Look for an MBOX to Outlook converter tool that is easy and simple to use. Because, after-all, the whole point of software tools is to get things done faster which otherwise would take too long.
  2. Other major concern during MBOX to Outlook conversion is loss of details in output files. What you should be getting as an output is the exactly copy of data from MBOX to Outlook PST in the same hierarchy and structure. But that’s not how a large portion of available MBOX to Outlook converter tools function. They do not have a proper set of algorithms to keep the details and metadata securely attached to the output files, if they are extracted in the first place that is. This is called loss of data integrity. The trickiest elements to secure are images, attachments, non-English text, MIME headers, nested emails, and folder hierarchy. So, whichever MBOX to Outlook converter tool you are going for, make sure it has full support to get all these items converted cleanly.

There are other factors too that can make an MBOX to Outlook Converter tool successful or flop utterly. Some of them are common to any software solution and some are uniquely associated with email migration. An example of a generic aspect is the availability of support team and their responsiveness. Without a good support team, a beginner can face few challenges that are hard to resolve on its own.

If you think looking for a tool like that to Import MBOX  to Outlook PST files would be exhausting, don’t worry. The tool called “Mail Passport Pro” from Gladwev Software is precisely the sort of MBOX to Outlook solution we have been talking about during this whole post.

It has all the necessary features an email migration tool should have, including the two most important ones – intuitive interface and powerful algorithms to convert data without missing any details. And it is backed up by 24 x 7 tech support.

You can get a free demo version at www.mailpassportpro.com